Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enter Sandman

Iphone text auto correction of the day:
Wussy to Quash.

Iphone has this very annoying habit of auto correcting my words to what they think I mean to say. Not that this hasn't come in handy on quite a few occasions, but . . . STOP HELPING ME, PHONE!

I've been having weird dreams lately. Real events that happened to me end up getting skewed and worse in my dreams than they happened in real life. Nothing like waking up from a dream and wanting to hurl. Nice.

I don't have much to say today (which, for those who know me, that is SHOCKING!), but I will say this: I miss Houston.

There's flipping cactus here! I have never in my life lived somewhere with a cactus, even one in a pot. San Angelo is not a good place to live if you are clumsy. You WILL fall on a cactus.

I've been avoiding going outside. Reason one: it is DAMN hot.
Reason two: I'd have to actually get dressed. (my definition of getting dressed is whether I need to put a bra on or not)
Reason three: I'm lazy (which, honestly, encompasses reasons one and two)

Robert and I ventured onto our back porch at 4:15 pm today (for the first time). We both squinted in the bright sun and sweat poured off of us immediately. We both looked at each other and said, that's enough nature for us; let's get back inside and pop in some Friends!

Friends and Girls Next Door, and reading (of course) are my current addictions. Luckily for me, the libraries here are surprisingly well stocked (more well stocked than the one I went to in Webster). They have current books and LOTS of DVDs to rent (take THAT, Netflix!) so I'm not really bored.

I love spending time with Robert. He makes me laugh when I'm pissed, makes me cry sentimentally, makes me love him. Damn that man!

In two weeks time, I will be making the long, long, looooong trip back to Houston to go to a concert (my first in like 5 or 6 years!) and visiting family and catching up. Then, two or so days after I get there, I'll be making the trip back.

When I told Robert, he reminded me that his birthday is that Tuesday and I'll be leaving San Angelo on Sunday, so his birthday (and, honestly, money constraints) will make it necessary to make this trip an abbreviated one.

I really miss everyone in Houston. 

My timer is going off for my homemade fries. Robert just finished with the hamburgers. 

Take it easy, everyone. After all, it's Sunday! Save the running around for the weekdays.


  1. P word! I miss you so much it's painful! I can't wait til u get here and I promise you will like House of Blues! Oh and I'm pretty sure you have to go outside to fall on a cactus! You should have called this blog The Cactus Files: My journey to avoid the prickly pests in San Angelo! Haha love you Quash!